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Siswo Irianto


Born in Semarang , 05 May 1990

He works in PT FMC Bina Guna Kimia as Elektrician, PT Mitra Excellent Indonesia and PT Riung Mitra Lestari as Mekanik electrical support and Maintanance Unit Heavy Duty, PT Riung Mitra Lestari as Plant Planner then as Plant Group Leader and Purchasing Logistik and has worked PT Central Prima Persada Mandiri as Plant Planner.

Robby Wirahadi


Born in Bogor , 19 April 1989

He works in PT Korindo Heavy Industry as Purchasing and PT Dikorindo Heavy Industry as Marketing Special Vehicles, PT Pam Auto Mobilindo as ATPM Truck Shacman as ASS Spare Part and has worked PT Evershine Shinomachinery as Importir Truck Sino Howo as Ass Spare Part.

Ricky Bayu Depriandi


Born in Bandar Lampung , 06 June 1987

He worked at PT. Sumber Multi Jaya Nusantara as Tire Senior Supervisor in 2014 until now. He worked at PT. Gane Permai Sentosa (Harita Group) as Tire Supervisor in 2013. He worked at PT. Everseiko Indonesia as a Technical Support in 2012. He worked at PT. Ban Prima Indonesia at Foreman Tire in 2010. He worked at PT. De Vanir Source Indonesia as Tire Management System & Material Management in 2009.

Gusti Agung


Born in Jakarta , 19 October 1979

He worked in PT Certis Cisco (2000-2007) as Supervisor and also worked in PT Mulya Kuarsa Anugerah (2007-2010) as keeper.

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